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Northern District is a hand-drawn map based on Far Cry 2 (2008).

Far Cry 2 had a big impact on me. You can read some of my thoughts about the game here.

I started drawing this bit of fanart in my spare time, something to noodle on while unwinding with a podcast or tv. I started in May 2017 and finished in April 2021.


  • This download includes my source Photoshop PSD file, the final PNG image, and two variations.
  • The image dimensions are 4980 x 4980 pixels.
  • If you print at 300dpi, it comes out at about 16 in. x 16 in.
  • Free.
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AuthorBlendo Games


northern-district-all.zip 7 MB
Version 2 May 03, 2021


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Looks great! Thanks for sharing. Going to print a large poster of it.

Oh that fire effect spread in the dry grass was awesome; almost as good as the water effects in Bioshock.

PC gaming at that time was great or the start of a decline in some areas!?  But the Road winds ever onward...


It might be burdened by a dull story and mission design, but Far Cry 2 is the most immersive FPS I've played to the date and some of its features haven't yet been matched by newer games.

Good homage. Thanks for sharing!