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Nice to see such great support :)
I have the same issue's

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I'm having trouble getting this to work; I keep getting this message:

Failed to find butler.exe. Please install Butler:     
1. Download Butler from [url]     
2. Put all Butler files into [install directory]\blendo-itch-uploader     
3. Close and restart this program.

I've tried interpreting these instructions multiple ways, but the only thing I've done that doesn't result in the above message is putting butler.exe directly into the \blendo-itch-uploader directory along with its dll files, but that apparently just causes the program to crash before the GUI even appears

I just uploaded a new version that should produce an error message when it crashes. When you have a moment, can you try it out and tell me what error message is produced?

Apparently that update just fixed the crash! If I run into any more issues I'll let you know, but for now thanks for your help!

Hello, I just use the tool for the first time. Everything went smoothly but when I come to my project page, the new build that has been said to but uploaded is nowhere to be find. Could you please give me any tip/hint in the right direction?

Thank you


I love this tool!