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Black Mesa Facility Map is an overhead map of the various labs and industrial spaces explored in Half-life (1998). Click the image to view:

I've been wanting to do something like this for a while -- Half-life influenced me a ton, and led me to making my own video games.


The image was created with the help of HalfMapper, a free program that allows you to view Half-life maps.

I took overhead screenshots of Half-life's levels, pasted them into Photoshop, and moved/resized/recolored them until they looked okay.


The intention was not to create a 1:1 recreation of the levels in Half-life. This is the raw version of what that would have looked like:

As you can see, the levels tend to create a "tower" of spaces overlapping one another. It does look cool! But, I wanted to create something visually easier to understand. I spaced the levels further apart and made a left-to-right route for the player's journey.

So to be clear, my map is nowhere close to a 1:1 recreation -- but, hopefully it maintains the spirit of the game.


  • Big thanks to the Half-life Wiki for being a wonderful source of info.
  • The intro tram ride is massive. The square footage it takes up in Black Mesa is absolutely astronomical.
  • Opposing Force, Blue Shift, and Decay's expansion pack areas were not included. They weave in and out of the original Half-life's spaces, so they'd be a great fit here, but were beyond my available scope/time.
  • I went back and forth over how much additional infrastructure to include. 
    • Examples: Do we show roads connecting to the outside world? Do we show tram lines not shown in the intro? Do we make new routes the player doesn't use/see? Do we fill in fictional gaps, i.e. if we have "Silo D," does that mean Silo A, B, C exist somewhere?
    • I ended up mostly avoiding fabricating new stuff. I added a dormitory so the tram has a starting point, I jammed in the Hazard Course tutorial because I think that's funny, and extrapolated the hydroelectric dam's river. Everything else is directly from the game.
    • I think it'd be interesting to add more "fictional" details, i.e. how does someone normally travel between labs without dipping into a sewer -- but I'll leave that to someone else.


  • This download includes my source Photoshop PSD file, the final PNG image, and a variation image (a version with no labels).
  • The image dimensions are 7500 x 3750 pixels.
  • If you print at 300dpi, it comes out at about 25 in. x 12.5 in.
  • Free.
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"I jammed in the Hazard Course tutorial because I think that's funny"

You and me both. Awesome job on this!

Amazing work!

Looking at the actual overlapping map, it's apparent that they gave no consideration of how the actual facility would exist in physical space after the train ride.

It would be interesting to see how the Opposing Force and Blue Shift maps fit (or didn't fit) with the rest of the facility - or if Gearbox gave more consideration to the physical space.

Deleted 1 year ago

I don't think they messed up at all. When you're developing a game that's only going to be seen from a linear path at ground level, you can optimize for that looking good from that vantage point. It making sense from a top down view would have been a nice bonus, but given that they basically reworked the majority of the levels between 1997 and 1998 when they released, this feels understandable.

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Love it.  Very cool Brendon.  I like the red lines on blue vibe, gives it an authentic "of the actual in-game setting" look.  :D


Thanks for doing this. I always wondered what all the Half-Life maps would look like when 'lined up', connected by player entrance/egress points.

i never played the game but your map makes more sense than theirs