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This is fire

Pretty fun game, really enjoyed it.

Plus I am also using FNA to make games and that was cool to find out that you also used FNA :)


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This is fantastic! Thanks for playing

how do you change the resolution



Good game)Check my first game pls


holy damn shit this fucking game better then trash


Wow TOP I'm Russian)


Impossible to play if your monitor is more than 60hz, definitely impossible on 240hz.

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7.5M srsly so little


Great game! I really love it sooooooo much. Keep up the good work. :D

Super fun haha

Great game! It's fun and easy to learn, i'd love to see more interactions with the shotgun tho, maybe a missile/landmine you can launch at will? Keep up the great work!

ummm how do you make a game

Using a game engine. Unity game engine, for example.

Currently using it to make this..


You can use Scratch if you are a beginner, like me.

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Same Question I should be Asking too

NO 🤓☝ it took hours actually!!!

one minute to get controls but really funny ! i would prefer more lifes but it makes shorter and more intense runs. good job


the game just shows dark screen with sounds on. I'm on windows 10, 64bit.


Happens to me too ^_^'

good game

i m beta tester


i loved this! 


k bạn với tôi khôn=)


nice game it's really coo


good work it's really cool game


This was fun

Was excited to try this out but unfortunately the game just crashes when run with the error: Blendo_Fnakit has stopped working.

very interesting!


left a comment on the jam page. great work!


Really fun!  Nice one Brendon.  :D


Interstate 76 vibes.  <3